I have focussed on art since the early 1980s. Numerous art seminars and courses have made me familiar with the most diverse techniques of painting and graphics, stimulated me in free painting and composition, and inspired me to express myself.

Although my catalogue of works, which ranges from sculpture to mural painting, print graphics and drawing, now includes about a thousand works, I do not think of myself as an artist, but rather as a painter.

That’s why I like the word “scribbler”. It illustrates the connection between painting and drawing, the transition from apparently unconscious, yet reflective scribbled strokes into a painting.

Feelings, development, a diary of emotions and at the same time, the reality of life, hope, chance moments and surprise inspire my painting process.

My vineyard and the light of life that suffuses it, the grapes and the emotional memory that is revived every time they become wine, are integral parts of my art.