I’d like to introduce myself

My name is Maria Elisabeth Kiem Calligione, and this small production of Sauvignon Blanc and grappa stems from the wish to continue my family’s tradition.

In my childhood memories, our vineyard always held a deep significance for me: the grape harvest, moments of happiness and family affection.

It was for this reason that I needed to keep these memories alive, even though I am occupied with other things in my life, such as travelling and art.


To put this into practice in the best possible way, I wanted to have experts by my side who had a good knowledge of the vineyard and its potential, from the point of view of both agriculture and wine growing and production.

That’s why I asked Christian Pinggera and Martin Aurich to accompany and support me on this adventure.

I would particularly like to thank my husband Angelo for the success of this project. He has many years of experience as a building contractor, and supports and encourages me with understanding every day.


Christian Pinggera has taken care of the vineyard since 1995. Based on his advice, all cultivation techniques, both on this property and the surrounding land, have followed the standards for organic farming and the corresponding European certification since 1998.

This was a natural and instinctive decision for us, since it was in keeping with our understanding of life and with efforts to protect the environment.

Christian has long been viewed as a real pioneer of organic farming in South Tyrol. As a renowned specialist, he is always up to date with everything related to tending vineyards, and personally takes care of agricultural matters over the course of the whole year.


Martin Aurich has been by my side as a wine-grower from the very beginning and has helped me to produce my Sauvignon Blanc and grappa.

His uncomplicated manner and very specific approach to wine-growing, combined with the devotion and care with which he has run the small but special “Unterortl” business at Juval Castle for many years, convinced me to ask him to work with me.

With his thorough knowledge of the area and the particularities of its produce, he recognised the potential of this vineyard and its wine, and enabled me to achieve a high-quality result.